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2018-12-31 A new home for GRUB!

Sad as we were in the beginning that we had to relocate, we are looking forward to our new rehearsal room in Munich- Milbertshofen, with some shows to come! Happy New Year 2019 everyone!

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2017-07-27 New Live EP out now!

Just in time for the summerbreak we are happy to release our first Live Recordings from this years "UWE-Festival" at the Theaterakademie. Enjoy, and turn up the speakers! Grub Live @ UWE 2017

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2016-09-16 Album Release Party!

Watch us enjoying the title track "Ship of Theseus" :)

2016-09-13 T Shirts!

Thanks to Chris from Flatlands we finally got beautiful Kraken T Shirts!

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CDs are there!

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2016-04-01 Live Recording

This is a live recording from the first three tracks of our first album, played as one. Mixed + Mastered by Jakob ("The Engine" Studios).

2016-01-01 New Year

Happy new year everyone from GRUB!

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2015-10-28 Recordings

Almost done with our recordings for the upcoming Album "The Ship of Theseus": Everybody got his check mark!

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Susi says Hi from Vancouver! :)

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2015-09-11 Recording The Kraken

Original work instruction for "the Kraken". Pay attention to the part where Andy has to leave the drumkit in order to get him a beer: "Andy Bierholen".

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2015-04-11 Merch

Excitement about the arrival of the new Mugs !

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Good morning. Seven hours to go for our Show at Marienplatz.

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